The Digital Industry Center is one of the Centers of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK). It focuses its research on digital technologies for the various domains in industry (e.g., manufacturing, aerospace, railway, automotive, energy, agriculture, etc.) by creating applications for critical systems, adaptive and autonomous systems, advanced perception, diagnostics quality control and prediction systems. Further research areas include precision farming, robotics, metrology, cultural heritage (in particular 3D modeling) and geomatics.

The Center is one of the KET Technology Centers within the KET4CP project, identified and registered by the European Commission. It collaborates with numerous institutions and multinational companies on strategic projects with a high innovation content – including the European Space Agency (ESA).


As part of the FBK mission, which aims to achieve results of scientific excellence and to produce an impact on society, the strategic vision of the Center revolves around the fundamental value of scientific excellence, an approach strongly oriented towards technology transfer and the integration in research of topics deriving from interactions with companies.

The development of high-level technology readiness (TRL) assets, a strategic approach to operations, as well as attention to integrated interdisciplinary solutions complete our vision.


Some of the main technical-scientific goals of the Center include:


FBK is a top Research Institute in Italy, with a community of over 400 researchers and 120 doctoral students; organized in 2 scientific hubs dedicated to technology and to human and social sciences, FBK aims to excel in science with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and social impact. 

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